Mastering Self, Craft, and Accomplishing Any Mission

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

–Oscar Wilde

Welcome to Episode 001 of the WFO (Wide F#%*ing Open) Life Podcast.

This is the first post for this podcast.

Show Notes:

Ep 001 introduces your hosts, William G Curtis, MD and Lt Col Chris Story, USMC. Friends and life-long learners, they give a bit of background into their path in life and why they want to explore and share knowledge.

Websites / Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Physician, blogger, farmer, coach, father, husband. Working to get better, stronger and more enlightened. Here to teach, learn and explore.

4 thoughts on “Mastering Self, Craft, and Accomplishing Any Mission

      1. Are you guys going to be on iTunes podcasts? It’s easier to download and follow updates

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