Sebastian Giraldo: Interview on Elite Athlete Development

Sebastian Girald, PhD
Elite Athlete Development Expert

Show Notes:

We really picked a winner for our first WFO Life Podcast interview!

In this episode, we interview Sebastian Giraldo, Ph.D.

Sebastian has a Ph.D. in Elite Athlete Development. He is a Professional Soccer Coach/trainer and a coach for the US Soccer program.

We really enjoyed this powerful interview! Sebastian and your WFO Life hosts explore environments for the proper development of youth athletes. This interview has pearls for aspiring athletes, coaches and even parents of kids playing any sport.

We touched on multiple aspects of high performance environments and development cultures including:

  • Environments for success
  • Athlete emotional safety
  • Freedom to learn
  • Building training culture
  • Training preparation tips
  • Communication pearls
  • Deep practice, why mistakes are ok
  • Specific advice for elite athletes, coaches, and parents

Join us as we interview this expert in coaching, elite athlete development, and human performance.


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