You can go pro: Finding Passion, Purpose, Mission

In this episode, Lt Col Story launches an important discussion about the value of assessing where you are in life. Your hosts explore the importance of pursuing one’s passions and raising awareness to the pitfalls of living an unconscious life.

So many people live lives without passion, purpose or direction. They desperately seek something, yet bounce from one idea to the next, one quick fix to the next. This episode goes deep into that space, exploring and encouraging our listens to strive, seek, and grow.


Key Points covered:

  • Consumerism and happiness
  • Chasing Life
  • Finding Passion and Purpose
  • Do you care enough to pursue your passion?
  • Developing Relationships
  • Becoming Incredible
  • Success from serving others
  • How to move out of stagnation in life
  • Growth mindset

Resources Mentioned:

Seth Godin

Death of a Salesman

The Men Who Built America Documentary

WFO Episode: Autosuggestion

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