Amy Acuff: 5 x Olympian on life, training, nutrition and mindset

What can you learn from an elite athlete, in the top echelon of her sport for 20+ years?

This interview is full of practical wisdom, tips, tactics and strategies for making the most of athletic potential!

5 x Olympian, multiple time indoor/outdoor NCAA champion, and world class high jumper, Amy Acuff, chats with your hosts for this insightful interview.

This interview has something for everyone!

We discuss Amy’s background, early influences, and motivation for pursuing professional sports. Amy delves deep into training methods, mindset, and preparation for competition.

There are so many pearls in this episode for the aspiring athlete, coach or individual seeking higher personal performance. Her career was so long she out worked, out-performed and out-lasted many of her rivals.

In particular, she explores her nutritional approaches, physical preparations and even injury prevention strategies.

Of particular interest, Amy shares her insights as a world class athlete transitioning out of the “Lime-light” and into the “civilian” world. We enjoyed the grit she displayed coming out of retirement after having children and climbing back into elite form.

Amy Acuff Interview

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