Interview: Dr John Sullivan, The Case for Food as Medicine

Dr. Curtis & Dr. John Sullivan

The body knows how to heal itself, all it needs is the proper nutrients!

John Sullivan, DC

This powerful interview features Dr. Curtis and Dr. John Sullivan.

Dr. Sullivan shares a wealth of knowledge of whole food nutrition. Both doctors explore how nutrition affects athletic performance and they also delve deep into causal factors for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer. They each offer personal professional experience using nutrition to solve common health issues.

This was a fun and entertaining interview.

This chat has something for everyone and especially anyone striving to maximize health, improve energy, and prevent disease.

We hope listening to this special, passionate conversation, spurs you to think, question and broaden your view of health and nutrition.

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Topics Covered

  • Inspiration for a life of healing with whole food nutrition
  • Nutritional origins of diabetes, obesity, heart disease & cancer
  • Fat adapted athlete characteristics
  • Recommendations for high performance athletes
  • Why cancer wants sugar
  • The case against boosting metabolism
  • Fat/Protein recommendations for Athletes
  • What makes you fat
  • Why you need fat
  • Historic nutritional research
  • Politics of nutrition and healthcare hustle
  • Vital importance of gut health and healthy microbiome
  • Into the Light: BluePrint For Curing Diabetes–John Sullivan, DC
  • Joe Rogan Interview: Dr. Joel Kahn & Chris Kresser
  • Examples of big pharma fraud

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One thought on “Interview: Dr John Sullivan, The Case for Food as Medicine

  1. Thank you for this informative interview with Dr. Sullivan. Dr. S. referred me to you. I found it very interesting to learn about the affect of sugar on Cancer growth. I didn’t know this info.

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