Random Show: The Drag Race Episode

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I never lose….

I either win, or I learn

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Episode Summary

This episode started as a random show until Lt Col Story began a conversation about my hobby of drag racing.

On the surface, racing maybe seems just for adrenaline junkies. However, as we discussed, racing is just one example of how people “practice excellence.” As with many hobbies, racing requires gaining knowledge, building new skills, negotiating with others, following rules, challenging assumptions, and mental focus.

I also find car craft and racing help me build “margin” in my life. By building margin, we allow ourselves time away from our work (job, labor, tasks) to clear the mind and get better perspective on life.

Often, getting the big picture leads to better decisions, increases creativity, and sometimes to cross-over lessons from our hobby into our regular life.

We hope you will enjoy this light-hearted discussion, and gather a few helpful pearls about building margin and taking the time to simply have fun.

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Topics Covered

WFO Life
  • Why the rancher, doctor, father podcaster races cars?
  • Racing in the blood
  • Racing father mentioned Randy Curtis (Fugitive Corvette Racing)
  • Disconnecting from work to reconnect with passion
  • Building Margin in life
  • Learning new skills, crossover benefits
  • It’s ok to have fun and live adventures
  • More life lessons from wrestling

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