Getting More Out of Life


If you want more out of life you have to:

•Challenge yourself.

•Be hard on yourself.

•Raise your standards.

•Respect yourself.

•Accept your flaws.

•Seek knowledge.

•Burn your past.

•Be your own best friend.

Life is hard, excuses are easy.

Keep moving forward.


Ralph Napolitano

In this Episode Lt Col Story and Dr. William Curtis explore the finer points of an insightful tweet from Ralph Napolitano. We found the tweet thought provoking and led to a wide ranging discussion on how each of these points can help us stay focused and move forward in life.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. .

Listen HERE

Topics Covered

  • Introductions (3min)
  • The @DrRalphNap Tweet
  • Examples of Personal Challenges and how those shape success
  • The double edged sword of “Being Hard on Oneself”
  • How to understand we all make mistakes
  • The Value of Life Long Learning
  • Past is gone
  • Past is where regret and doubt steals our present life
  • One must love oneself to shine in the world

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