EP 030 Crucible Experiences: The Value of Challenges

Challenges, crucibles, and sacrifice

That what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….

Random Ancient Warrior

Do you avoid pain or strain?

Do you sometimes do something hard, just to see if you can do it?

In this Episode Lt Col Story and Dr. William Curtis explore the role of obstacles and crucible experiences in life.

This wide ranging conversation explores the value of embracing challenges, enduring hardships, and refining habits.


Topics Covered

  • Lent Plans & Beer Fast Goals
  • Introduction to crucible experiences
  • Mindfulness
  • Basic Principles of fasting
  • Another David Goggins Example
  • Magic Mushroom digression
  • Challenges and conflict builds strength / Resiliency
  • Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, Marathons
  • Clear thinking from burning ketones
  • More on long term fasting
  • Food eliminations

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