EP 033 Interview: Jerome Dixon, Personalized Medicine, Genomics, and Pandemics

Jerome Dixon

Data is the new oil.

Clive Humby
Mathematician and Data Science Entrepreneur

At face value, it’s hard to get your head around the fact that Data is becoming a valuable commodity as the quote above suggests.

In this episode, we interview Jerome Dixon who is an Integrative Life Sciences Doctoral Candidate, Healthcare Consultant, and retired Navy Veteran.

This interview is a peak into the future where data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and healthcare are combined. The discussion also touches on the COVID-19 pandemic and why it’s important to pay attention, but realize the numbers you see should be taken in proper context.

Listen HERE

Topics Covered

  • Jerome Dixon BIO
  • What are Genomics and how are they used?
  • How 23 & me, Ancestry DNA, and other personal DNA tests can be used in diagnosing and treating disease
  • COVID-19, what’s inside the numbers
  • Ethical considerations of data, AI, and healthcare/treatment outcomes
  • Have we been here before with a pandemic in recent history, similarities and differences

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