EP 035 Interview: Dr Rick Cortes, Pediatric Perspectives on COVID-19, ADD/ADHD, Childhood Obesity

Rick Cortes, MD

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not to little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health…

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This episode features Dr. Rick Cortes. Medical doctor and pediatrician with 20 + years of experience. Smart, energetic, and passionate, Dr. Cortes shares a wealth of information about medicine, pediatrics, and the role of families in the health of children.

This episodes ranges around and dives into specific areas like childhood obesity, family dynamics, ADHD/ADD, fitness, and COVID 19 considerations for kids.

Any parent will find this interview helpful and insightful. Anyone interested in pediatrics or special pediatric considerations during the COVID 19 Pandemic will also enjoy this episode.

Topics Covered

  • Introductions & lessons from 20+ years in pediatrics
  • How kids are different than adults
  • Living the example (Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle)
  • Thoughts on Childhood Obesity
  • 120 lb 3 year old
  • Fixing the kid requires fixing the family
  • Insights on ADHD and ADD
  • Why adults don’t have ADD
  • How COVID 19 impacts kids and families
  • Remote / Home Schooling Discussion
  • Final thoughts

*Remember this episode is an interview and for educational and entertainment purposes. Do not take any concepts discussed as specific medical advice for you, without discussing with your personal physician.

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