EP 038 Interview: Sebastian Giraldo, Ph.D., Insights on Training Youth Athletes During Covid 19 Quarantine

Sebastian Girald, PhD
Elite Athlete Development Expert

Show Notes:

Welcome to another timely, practical and insightful interview.

In this episode, we bring back Sebastian Giraldo, Ph.D.

Sebastian has a doctorate degree in Elite Athlete Development. He is a Professional Soccer Coach/trainer and a coach for the US Soccer program.

Sebastian delivers many insights on youth sports training ideas during the COVID-19 social distancing scenario.

This interview has many pearls for aspiring athletes, coaches, and even parents of kids playing any sport.

Join us as we interview this expert in coaching, elite athlete development, and human performance.

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Topics Covered:

  • Re-introductions: new position, San Antonio City FC
  • Club and Player level planning recommendations
  • Focus on individual player needs
  • Injury recovery, skill development, mental/emotional reset
  • Club/coaching content overload
  • Training Goals should make the player better at the game
  • Developing Game intelligence
  • Specific advice for elite athletes, coaches, and parents
  • Thoughts on cross-training
  • Physical improvement, injury prevention tactics
  • Nutrition Soapbox rant from Dr. Curtis
  • Fanless games
  • Closing thoughts

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