Ep 042 Interview: Lieutenant Colonel Nick Lozar on Leadership

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LtCol Nick Lozar

Continuing on the theme from Episode 41: Tribes, we reached into our own Tribe for this week’s episode.

We are fortunate to have someone in our personal Tribe who is an Iraq and Afghanistan Combat Veteran, worked in the Pentagon, and currently a Commanding Officer of hundreds of Marines.

This candid and insightful episode was fun and enlightening. We hope you enjoy it and tell us what you think about it in the WFO Life Podcast Tribe on the Future Focus Network!

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Topics Covered

  • From earrings and a bright pink mohawk to Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (seriously)
  • Impactful chance encounters
  • Influence of great teachers
  • Lessons of leadership in combat: Iraq
  • Lessons of leadership in combat: Afghanistan
  • Working at the Pentagon
  • Owning the mistakes of others
  • Dr. Curtis’ observations on two Marines ranting
  • What is an important part of a successful day?

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