Ep 043 Interview: Chris Long

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“If you’re going to tell me that nothing you do matters, then stay inside.”

Chris Long

Our mission at the WFO Life Podcast is to provide valuable content to our listeners. We reach out to many unique and diverse people to accomplish this mission.

Episode 43 undoubtedly advances our mission to provide valuable content and tease out lessons from high performers. This was a powerful discussion from someone who has been at the pinnacle of one of the most competitive, high-visibility professions on the planet.

We are proud to present our fun, candid, and impactful discussion with 2 time Super Bowl Champion, NFL Man of the Year, and all around great human being Chris Long!

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Topics Covered

  • Life after the NFL
  • Causes outside of football
  • Tough transitions: parallels between military and professional sports
  • Tools, traits, and habits of success
  • High-level education and training environments
  • Key decisions in work and life
  • Dangers of apathy
  • Everyone can make a difference

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