Ep 050 Interview: Brian Chontosh, Doing Hard Things: Pushing Margins to find ourselves

“The opportunity to serve is the greatest privilege you will ever have.”


Humans are incredible (ALL of US), and pushing ourselves is relative. However, it is valuable to examine people who push the limits beyond most of our understanding.

In Episode 050, we had the pleasure to interview Brian Chontosh. I would encourage you to search the internet, YouTube, and his social media to learn more about the, “struggles” he seeks to find out who he is. A recipient of the Navy Cross (America’s second highest award for valor in combat), finisher of the hardest ultra-endurance events on the planet (Arrowhead 135, Moab 240, Tahoe 200, Primal Quest), as well as running for 24-hours on a treadmill inside of pitch black shipping container…find out why he does these things and what we can learn.

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Topics Covered

  • Brian Chontosh Bio
  • Why did he join the Marine Corps (Enlisted and Officer)
  • The value attempting hard things (success and failure)
  • Giving credit, taking credit, and pitfalls of the entitlement mindset
  • Post-Marine Corps career endeavors (Crooked Butterfly Ranch, Big Fish Foundation)
  • Building up and adapting your body to accomplishing greater tasks
  • “Will you do something hard with me?” Riding mountain bikes from Canada to Mexico
  • Ways to connect and follow Tosh:

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