Ep 051 Things that should be taught in school

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Mark Twain

At some point in our lives, we realize we don’t know everything like we THOUGHT we did as teenagers. Many of these tough life lessons are just part of growing up and becoming an adult. However, in many cases, our education has failed us and could have made for a much softer landing.

In Episode 051, we have a very candid discussion about practical things we SHOULD have been taught in school. We hope you enjoy it and provide feed back in our network. Speaking of the network…

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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the topic of things we should have learned in elementary school
  • “Thing 1”-Time management and prioritization
  • “Thing 2”-Personal finance
  • “Thing 3”-Logic and critical thinking
  • “Thing 4”-Mental health (stress management, thinking traps, adversity)
  • “Thing 5”-Relationship fundamentals (healthy relationships, patterns of abuse, pro/cons of relationship decisions)
  • Part of, “Human Skills 101” we could all benefit from
  • Thanks to our last guest, Brian Chontosh. Please check him out and listen to his Crooked Butterfly podcast and follow him on social media.

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