Ep 054 Decision Making: Speak Less, Listen More, & Trust Yourself

“Let one of your first decisions be to keep a closed mouth and open ears and eyes.”
-Napoleon Hill

Have you ever talked to a friend, coworker, or family member about a plan (great or small) and then see them work on the same thing? Although not always a malicious attempt to, “one up” you, it’s always a frustrating energy sucker! Additionally, uninformed and negative opinions of others have built an untold number of inferiority complexes. Even well-meaning, ignorant people can cause harm, don’t let it happen.

In Episode 054, we discuss the value of speaking less and DOING more, especially when making decisions and planning future goals.

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Topics Covered

  • Topic/style of this type of podcast intro
  • Building your own team of “Master Minds” you can trust
  • Parallels with military planning process
  • Harmful negative opinions in the decision making process
  • Friends and relatives aren’t always helpful
  • Making a conscious effort to talk less and listen more
  • Actions and not words define the most successful people

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