EP 060 Stress Reduction Series: Volume 1

“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behaviour, not because they won or lost.”

~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb


In this episode, the WFO Team reunites to kick off an important NEW series of episodes on STRESS reduction.

The quote for this post shouldn’t be considered hyperbole. Some of the stress humans are forced to deal with, and thrive in, is nothing short of heroic. Hopefully this series helps all of us reflect on simple strategies to deal with the inevitable.

If you want a quick summary of why we are covering stress in so much detail, check out the Introduction to Stress in Ep 059.

Listen HERE

In the coming episodes, we will explore several practical strategies for reducing or managing stress. We will also explore good stress.

If you would to explore some of this type of content early, check out the following article.

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

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