EP 063 Leadership Expedition Part 1: Sharpening the Axe

I wonder if I can do that. I WANT there to be some sort of doubt…fight that doubt, come up with strategies to beat that.

Brian “Tosh” Chontosh-The Hard Way


An hour West of Boulder Colorado, there’s a special place called the Crooked Butterfly Ranch. It’s about 20 acres and doesn’t have many fences that separate the Ranch from over 20,000 acres of National Forest. In the middle of the forest, there are Bearing Trees. These trees mark property lines in rugged areas without fences where you are more likely to see a mountain lion or a bear than another human.

Places like this almost force you to be mindful. Mindful that success, status, intelligence, or position doesn’t matter here. The altitude, terrain, and unpredictable environment can humble anyone.

In this episode, we discuss an incredible opportunity and experience to learn and grow at the Crooked Butterfly Ranch with a unique host…You can learn more about him here: https://youtu.be/JgE4SZ89DQU

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