EP 064 Lessons from Cobra Kai: Exploring Ultra-Aggressive Mindsets

I Wasn’t Taught The Difference Between Mercy And Honor And I Paid For It. If I’m Extra Hard On You, It’s Only Because You Have The Potential To Be Better Than I Ever Was.

Johnny Lawrence-Cobra Kai


“STRIKE FIRST-STRIKE HARD-NO MERCY” is probably the most memorable quote from the Cobra Kai Dojo in the 1980’s classic movie, The Karate Kid. That movie had ALL elements necessary for a coming of age flick…bullies, pretty girls, rich kids vs poor kids, and an unrealistic happy ending for the protagonist.

The quote for this post represents a shift from the most hated member of the Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence as he realized the ultra-aggressive mindset was wrong. In the new series Cobra Kai, based on The Karate Kid story, we jump ahead to the middle aged lives of the main characters. Daniel Laruso is a successful entrepreneur and Johnny is a lonely alcoholic trying relive his glory days by reopening the Cobra Kai dojo.

In this episode, we use the Cobra Kai series as an example of how ultra-aggression only produces temporary victories.

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