EP 072 Interview: Coach Lee Crisp

“Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.”

John Wooden

Coaches shape our lives as they impart discipline, work ethic, team concepts, and teach valuable life lessons.

In this episode, we continue our series of interviews with Coaches. This week your hosts chat with Coach Lee Crisp, Athletic Director and head football coach for the Medina Valley High School. Coach Crisp has 18 years of teaching, coaching, and leadership in his community.

If you lead others in business or sport, you will find many practical tools for building and maintaining a successful team.


Topics Covered:

  • Back Story, sporting background
  • Coaching Influences, building trust
  • Teaching & Coaching Path
  • Instilling Values, and measuring success for both players and program
  • Adapting coaching style to individual players
  • Worth ethic, building culture
  • Does building organizational culture differ from maintaining culture?
  • Mentor coaching pearls
  • What is worth teaching?

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