EP 073 Best of the Coaches Series…So Far

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”

-John Wooden

In this episode, we pull the best collection of coaching and leadership pearls from 3 of our most recent full-length Coaching Series interviews.

This condensed episode provides tons of insight into coaching, leadership, and elite program development.

Listen in to some of the best sections from our recent interviews with Dr. Sebastian Giraldo, Coach Lee Crisp, and Coach Sammy Giraldo.

Listen Here

Topics Covered:

  • Traits of an Elite Sports Program
  • Building Trust
  • Choosing a training environment
  • Values and Developing Leaders
  • Listening
  • Vulnerability and the modern Coach-Mentor
  • Blaming others, victim mentality
  • Learning to think, prepare, and compete
  • Go Prove Yourself

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