EP 076 Interview Rachel Woods: Building and Maintaining Individual Motivation

In this episode, Lt Colonel Story and I interview Rachel Woods. Rachel is a Professor at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business. Rachel has spent 15 + years in the leadership development industry empowering leaders with practical leadership skills. She is a leadership author, trainer, consultant, and coach, who is passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential.

Rachel joins us to talk about building and maintaining personal motivation. This episode continues pulling on the thread of our “Coaching Series” where Chris and I bring together coaches in various fields to share practical life tips.

This episode starts the conversation on building motivation by exploring the foundation of motivation, the development of individual motivation.

Building motivation is a skill, just like anything else. Use the tools, practice the skill, reap the benefits.


Overview of Conversation

  • Introductions 
  • Backstory
  • Conflict management/Motivation
  • Discussion of Core Leadership skills set development 
    • Motivation
    • Trust
  • Why fundamentals matter
  • Motivation  (Leadership perspective)
    • Internal Motivation is key
    • Motivate yourself first
    • You can affect Motivation by changing YOUR actions
    • Qualities of Motivation (courage, drive, support)
    • Evaluate Yourself first
    • Clarifying Priorities
    • Reflect on Values
  • Mastering self & Maintaining Motivation
  • Summary
    • Measuring and Reflecting on your own Motivation
    • Set Intention
    • Define Values
    • Reflect on Values and prioritize Actions to align with Values
    • Identify obstacles to motivation

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Interested in contacting Rachel Woods, Ltrek?

Physician, blogger, farmer, coach, father, husband. Working to get better, stronger and more enlightened. Here to teach, learn and explore.

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