EP 077 Interview Ollie Wright: Mastering Craft & Pro Soccer

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

–F. Scott Fitzgerald

Imagine, being picked at 8 years old to be part of a professional soccer team’s development program. Then, imagine being cut from the program at 10 years old and repeat the process with other prominent professional clubs until you are 17 years old. The story could have ended there in the UK like many others, thankfully for Ollie Wright, it was only the beginning!

In episode 077 we interview professional soccer player Ollie Wright.

Ollie just signed his first professional contract with San Antonio FC.

Ollie is an engaging young man that has an interesting story overcoming adversity and setbacks.

Ollie stands out as a great example of the value and willingness to persist, follow your dream, and make personal sacrifices to reach goals.

Join us as we explore the habits and mindset of a professional athlete.

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