EP 080 Interview Bob Jones: Life Lessons from a Radio Talk Show Legend

Episode Overview

This interview features Radio talk radio legend, Bob Jones.

This wide-ranging interview explores Bob’s childhood and influences as a young adult.

A storytelling master, Bob takes us on a journey through his childhood in the 1950s-1960s. He explores diversity, racism, and his time spent as a Vietnam veteran.

In addition to his Radio career, we discuss highlights as a businessman, politician, public servant, Christian Minister, and world traveler.

His life is fascinating and chocked full of valuable insights.

His story serves as an example of the importance of life-long learning, dedication, and service to others.


Topics Covered

  • Origin story
  • Thoughts on diversity
  • Nato / Communications work
  • Travel Experiences
  • Reflections on winning hearts and minds
  • Education, training, and life long learning
  • Stories & Lessons from Vietnam
  • Career decisions
  • Lessons from “The Philadelphia Political Machine”
  • Origins of The Bob Jones Radio Show
  • Insights from classic celebrity interviews (Hillary Clinton, Bill Cosby, and more..)
  • Influences in life: Frank Rizzo, Muhammad Ali
  • Life Lessons Imparted to WFO
  • The Bob Jones Show

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