EP 101 Mission: The Importance of Staying Focused in Chaotic Times

The greatest risk is taking no action.

Jason Hardebeck, Navy Veteran and CEO


After taking a little time off to explore nature with family, the WFO Life Podcast Team is back with another important and timely discussion.

In Episode 101, we discuss the importance of staying focused on our life’s mission in spite of challenges or risks that WILL come our way. The above graphic is a tool used in the military to assess risk. The idea is NOT to cancel missions, but to identify and assess risks so that we CAN accomplish the mission by minimizing the impact of bad things that can happen. We can do the same thing in our daily life…don’t abandon your mission because of risk, understand what you can control, and put your plan in place.

Topics Covered

  • Catching up on adventures Dr. Curtis and LtCol Story have engaged in this summer
  • Continuing discussion on the Covid-19 Delta Variant and things we can do to mitigate risk
  • Operational Risk Management – What is it and how can we incorporate this military tool into our lives
  • Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social aspects to our overall life mission accomplishment

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