EP 103 (Bonus) Top 3 COVID 19 Questions of the Week

“I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.

–Oscar Wilde

Episode Summary

The second of two rapid-fire bonus episodes covering current issues related to COVID 19.

In this episode, Dr. Curtis covers the TOP THREE questions repeatedly asked this week in clinic.

1)Should I get a COVID 19 Vaccine?

2)Does Ivermectin help treat COVID 19 or prevent infection?

3)What alternative or complimentary strategies can I use to support the healing process?

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Topics Mentioned

JAMU Juice — Or inside the COVID 19 topic in Future Focus Health Network

Pranayama Breathing

Positioning for Better Oxygenation

Supplements Mentioned

Pneumotrophen PMG (3 twice daily)

Bronchafect (1 three times daily)

Cataplex D (3 twice daily) (Or 5000 IU Vitamin D daily)

Zinc Liver Chelate (3 daily) (Or zinc 30 mg daily)

Acidophilus 4×6 Billion 1-2 twice daily

Listed Supplements can be delivered by ordering by following Links to FARMACY orders

Other Considerations

Time, rest, sleep, fluids, prayer, mindfulness, and meditation

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