EP 109 Triple Threat Interview: Exploring Extreme Endurance and Fitness Lifestyles

Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.


Episode Overview

Sometimes all it takes for a difficult task to be completed is a little support, teamwork, and someone else crazy enough to say, “let’s do it!”

In this episode, we have a great interview with two training partners who decided on a challenge, pushed outside of their comfort zones, and accomplished their mission. So many lessons for life explored in this episode with Dr. Rick Cortes and Robert Ramirez.


Topics Covered

  • Background on Rick and Robert
  • How did the idea to tackle the Triple Threat challenge come about?
  • Dealing with adversity in event 1/day 1 with two events left
  • How to train for something so challenging while juggling other life requirements
  • Takeaways and closing thoughts

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