EP 125 Pandemic Bonus Update


In this episode, Dr. William Curtis shares his observations treating hundreds of COVID 19 cases in the past couple of years.  This episode covers his insights on the progression of the pandemic, vaccines, boosters, masks, treatment protocols, and more.

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Topics Covered:
  • Pandemic Progression
    • Omicron vs Delta clinical presentation and severity
    • Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated
    • Rate of serious cases
  • Vaccines
    • Delta Vs Omicron Efficacy
    • Safety of Vaccines
    • Booster, Booster, Booster?
  • Testing
    • Why post-testing for COVID 19 is Dumb
    • What testing actually means
    • How accurate is COVID 19 Testing?
  • Masks
    • Benefit? 
    • Psychologic Placebo?
  • Treatment
    • Anti-viral experience
    • Ivermectin
    • Current Treatment Discussion
    • Lifestyle factors
    • Nutritional/vitamin supplementation

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