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Lt. Col. Chris Story, US Marine Corps

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Story was born in Austell, GA on March 10, 1974. He graduated in 2000 from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a B.A. in Political Science and managed a successful business from 1995-2001 while completing his degree. Upon graduation from OCS, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps on December 14, 2001. Following completion of The Basic School in July 2002, Second Lieutenant Story reported to Athens, GA for the Aviation Supply Officer Basic Qualification Course, graduating in December of 2002. 

In January 2003, Second Lieutenant Story reported to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and was assigned to the Repairable Management Division. From 2004-2006, he also served as the Marine Aircraft Group 24 (MAG-24) Fiscal Officer, and finally as the Assistant Aviation Supply Officer. He deployed two times to Korea for exercises. He also served as the Supply Lead for the MALS-24 AIRSpeed Design and received his Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt. In July 2006, Captain Story reported to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 41, Fort Worth, TX and was assigned as the AIRSpeed Officer. 

Captain Story led the first AIRSpeed Design of a combined MALS/Navy Fleet Readiness Center, earned his Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt, and in June 2007 was assigned as the MALS-41 Aviation Supply Officer. In July 2008, Captain Story deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom as the Assistant Aviation Supply Officer for MALS-16 (FWD). During the deployment he supervised the MALS-16 (FWD) aviation logistics operations at Al Asad, Iraq and six Forward Operating Bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2009, Captain Story was selected to attend resident Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) in Quantico, VA.

In August 2009, Captain Story reported to EWS. During EWS, he completed several other Marine Corps and Joint courses through the Occupational Field Expansion Course and attained the additional MOS (6607) Aviation Logistician. Captain Story graduated from EWS in May 2010. 

In June 2010, Captain Story reported to Marine Corps Detachment (MARDET), Newport, RI for duty as the Aviation Logistics Schools Officer in Charge and MOS 6602/6604 Course instructor. He supervised the rewrite of curriculum and Marine Corps Orders to reflect changes and requirements needed in the Operating Forces. 

In July 2013, Major Story reported to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13 (MALS-13), Yuma, AZ for duty as the Aviation Supply Department Head. From November 2013-September 2014 he served as the Executive Officer of MALS-13. He returned to the Supply Department in September 2014 to assist in the logistics design and preparation for the Marine Corps’ first F-35B Joint Strike Fighter Squadron. 

In July 2015, Major Story reported to the Defense Logistics Agency, Richmond, VA to serve as the Head of Marine Corps Aviation Customer Operations. During this tour, he executed the Headquarters Marine Corps level strategy to grow the Marine Corps Team from 3 to 14 Marines and implement improved wholesale inventory strategies to improve aircraft readiness across the Fleet. In July 2018, he reported to NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support and was promoted to LtCol in September 2018. 

Lieutenant Colonel Story’s personal awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3 gold stars) and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2 gold stars). LtCol Story is married to the former Sharon Brown of Corpus Christi, TX and they have 3 children (Anna 11, Abigail 9, and Michael 7).

William Curtis, MD

As a native of Corpus Christi, Texas  Curtis grew up scouting and participating in sports ranging from soccer, football and track.  A standout prep-school student-athlete, he earned a trip to the Texas state track & field competition as a sprinter and competed at national levels in AAU as well.  After high school Curtis attended Baylor University (1991-1994) where he completed his pre-med studies with a BA in Biology while competing full time as a scholarship athlete in sprints and middle distances (400-800 Meters).  His years at Baylor led him to understand the importance of goal setting and allowed him to surround himself with individuals of the highest integrity, ability and determination.  The most important of these of course is his wife Kimberly. Even though so many could be named, Curtis is quick to also mention Coach Clyde Hart and Olympian teammate/coach Michael Johnson as individuals that epitomized the essence of seeking excellence throughout his lifetime.

After Baylor, he attended medical school earning his MD in 1999 at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.  Curtis recalls, “I had great instructors, mentors and enjoyed a diverse population of patients from which to learn and hone my diagnostic skills.”

Blessed with good communication skills, and a strong general medical background, Curtis decided to seek specialty training in Family Medicine.  He returned home from San Antonio to finish a three year residency in Family Medicine at the Corpus Christi Family Medicine Residency Program.  He had an intense three years with additional experience gathered while moonlighting as a ER physician, urgent care doctor and family practitioner.

During his first decade as a private physician he worked as an ER physician, family practitioner, and began exploring nutritional and alternative philosophies to enhance his approach to patient care.  

Curtis worked as a team physician for several local high schools and lectured to track & field coaching organizations on sport-specific injuries and training philosophies.

During this time, he also sought additional training in dermatology and cosmetic procedures all while founding Future Focus Family Medicine, a unique multi-disciplinary clinic integrating traditional western medicine with nutritional and holistic therapies.  

Working with nutritionists, chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists, and varied alternative healers opened his eyes to the fact that traditional medicine can only go so far.   The healing art has a large umbrella and he feels that he has been honored to work with such a diverse team all dedicated to contributing their healing abilities to our Future Focus clients.

Currently, besides his clinical duties, Curtis have also began serving as medical director for Bay, LTD, a large industrial construction company in Corpus Christi, where he is challenged to change corporate attitudes about health and fitness, illustrating the connection between employee lifestyle and how that translates into less injuries, less lost man hours, and greater safety. He is excited by the opportunity to amplify his message beyond the single patient encounter and excited that employers like Bay, LTD can envision more for their most prized resource – their employees.

He began blogging to share his common-sense insight with patients, friends, and community and enjoys exploring chronic medical conditions and searching for their common origins….usually nutritional and lifestyle choices.  

The www.NRGTRIBE.com  was born to serve as a resource for all those interested in maximizing their vitality through goal setting, everyday fitness, and “real” nutrition.  It serves as a living resource and a point of reference for those attempting to ‘Bridge the gap’ to better health.  

Curtis states, “My patients all know I believe health doesn’t come from a medicine bottle!”

Dr. Curtis spends his spare time ranching, coaching competitive youth soccer, and enjoying the company of his wife and three wonderful daughters.

He also enjoys raising his own livestock for both self-sufficiency and for the obvious benefit of consuming high quality, organically grown food.

Curtis states, “My life is full, I had a mentor once comment to my staff during a nutritional seminar, ‘Look at this Curtis fellow, he and his wife are living 3 lives all at the same time!’  

He didn’t realize how much I appreciated those words because he meant them as praise for our all out effort at business, life, and contribution.  

“The athlete in me acknowledges the personal integrity and simplicity of giving one’s all to a worthy race…”

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